hanson pressure tanks
Specification #EL 0813

Hanson Tank's standard epoxy lining is an efficient corrosion resistant non-toxic coating system for potable water storage tanks, providing excellent protection with limited maintenance and good resistance to shipping damage.

It is classified as an epoxy-polyamide hi-resistant heavy build coating. It is spray applied over a near white-metal blasted surface to SSPC-SP10 in a two-coat application and heat cured in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

It is formulated as a tank lining for water, including deionized or distilled water as well as brines and petroleum processes. Designed and laboratory confirmed, it meets the requirements of EPA and USDA for surfaces in contact with drinking water and food. The ingredients and finished products meet the requirements of the US Food and Drug Regulations as listed under Title 21 Chapter 175.300, and most State and Local Ordinances.


White, light grey


Smooth, glossy, hydrophobic

Film Thickness:

> 5 mils (8-10 mils typical)

Heat resistance:

Max. 180 ºF in domestic hot water service


68% ± 2% by weight: 50% ± 2% by volume

Abrasive Resistance:

57.7 milligrams loss average, 1000 cycles,
Taber CS-17 wheel 1000 gr. Wt. Ivory color

Surface Hardness:

Konig Pendulum Hardness of 145 seconds (glass standard = 250 seconds) ASTM Method D4366-84

Thermal Shock:

Unaffected in 5 cycles, -70 ºF to 200 ºF

Note: The data above was furnished by the coating manufacturer. As with most tank linings, service life will be longer if operating temperatures are kept below the maximum.
Epoxy lined tanks are not recommended for solar heating systems due to water temperatures over 180 ºF often being experienced.

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